Our story begins in 2006, when the city of Puyo was very common to find in most wild animals homes tied or chained in backyards or confined in small cages, just as no control is marketed in the markets monkeys, parrots, turtles, snakes, etc. Really the problem came from within the province, and who daily are pulled to trade wild animals, bush meat and many articles made in the manner of crafts or clothing with fur, bones, feathers having as market in big cities.

No doubt, these activities were normal within the customs of the population of Puyo, because there was no control of the authorities; illegal trade kept growing and adding migration of indigenous people to the city demand was even greater. The ignorance of the population to environmental and conservation issues was zero, very few people cared about the great problem that was being generated in wild populations and ecosystems in which they live.

From childhood I had a great passion for nature and all the animals that inhabit it, with the help of my parents and their economic contribution we decided to start creating a place where you can accommodate these animals. We had a property that was acquired in 1997, the same as it was intended to be a comprehensive self-sustaining farm, but soil conditions, climate and the lack of knowledge at the time, caused many of the projects do not give results.

With the support of my parents started this wonderful adventure, we carry out the steps in the Ministry of Environment to obtain operating permits. Once we obtained the patent animals began to arrive and YanaCocha stopped being a dream and became a reality. At first it was very hard, we did not have the technical knowledge or the resources to keep specimens housed, but life is made for dreamers and people seeking to succeed in any way fulfil their dreams.

In 2007, the housed animals totalling more than 100, for feeding and maintenance of the Centre was very difficult. The lack of support from YanaCocha ultimately led to open doors to the public so that visitors can know the problem that was causing the wild animals out of their habitat and used the centre as a tool for environmental education State and get resources to continue our work. Initially the facilities where the animals harboured were very small, just as diets that we provided were not the most appropriate, so we were creditors to much criticism.

But as time passed, everything was improving and changing, we had the support of various rescue centres, zoos, technicians and specialists who were still adding to our project. From 2009 YanaCocha has been having a very significant growth in the environmental, educational, research and tourist map, today we have more than 200 housed animals, we have a Department of veterinary facilities naturalized according to each of the species housed, volunteer programs, internships, trainees, research projects, rehabilitation, Tamandua Ecological Reserve. We have signed agreements with more than 30 public and private institutions, universities and colleges nationwide; we collaborate with top researchers and professors in the country. YanaCocha today, is a reference to provincial and regional levels.

Most importantly, we have managed to raise public awareness on the protection and respect for wildlife, as well, we have changed the lives of hundreds of wild animals in the reserve Tamandua freeing them, they now find themselves at home. The Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Promote sustainable development for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Ecuadorian Amazon, through environmental education through on-going coordination with educational, public and private institutions, agencies and bodies with regard to the protection of the environment and wildlife., contributing to the social development of the province of Pastaza.


Locate among the most important projects of conservation of flora and fauna of the province of Pastaza, for visitors, students, professionals, authorities, community members and foreigners, contribute to the conservation of the Amazon biodiversity preservation, and working on being a Reference rescue centre for the region and Ecuador.


Help in the rescue, research, and protection of the flora and fauna of the Amazon through scientific collaboration and environmental education programs with educational institutions and universities for the conservation of biodiversity in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


German Flores


Yolanda Paredes


Director YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Jorge Flores


Coordinator YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Elliott King


animal rescue center ecuador

Ebba Orjefelt

Sub Coordinator

animal rescue center ecuador

Grecia Robles


Camila Lazcano

Veterinary Assistant


Biologist-1 YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Gabriel Carrillo


Biologist-2 YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Sahara Martin



Photographer-1 YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Dillon Anderson


Photographer-2 YanaCocha Puyp Pastaza Ecuador

Daniel Richter


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