YanaCocha Rescue Centre is located in the province of Pastaza, Puyo city, Barrio “Las Americas”, Km 3 via Puyo-Tena, right bank.

For its operation has the backing of the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Ecuador.

It is primarily dedicated to direct conservation of endangered flora and fauna in the Amazon region, sheltering species of great importance and in severe danger of extinction in 8 hectares of gardens and first and second forest, becoming a special place in the middle of the nature. 

Given the importance that is rendering tourism in the province of Pastaza and in the country, there is a need to create recreational and eco-tourism, natural landscape scenes, preserving the ecosystem, giving value to the plants and animals on the area.

YanaCocha is a set of agricultural projects and tourist attractions, where man can enjoy the contact with wild animals and plants is useful for observation and research of flora and fauna.

In YanaCocha is paying increasing attention to the protection of the environment and wildlife, vegetation, which is in harmony with the environment that enjoys the full extent of the project is greatly respected.

At present there are over 200 specimens in the Amazon, delivered voluntarily or seized by the Ministry of Environment and the National Police are in the midst of vegetation in cages, pens, islands, lagoons, some free, built in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador. 

For observation we have ballast nature trails, sawdust and rustic way, suitable for tourists to go and stay at least an hour enjoying nature five minutes from the city of Puyo

YanaCocha the attraction is in operation in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism of Pastaza, and identified in the tourist corridors of the Chamber of Tourism and the Department of Tourism of the Provincial Council and the Municipality of Pastaza, offering local, national and foreign tourists ADVENTURE, JUNGLE AND TRADITION


Locate among the most important tourism projects in the province of Pastaza, for tourists, local, national and foreign enjoy the biodiversity of plants and wildlife, and establish us in the first Centre of Wildlife Rescue.



Promote sustainable development of the sector to improve the living conditions of the population through ecotourism, protecting the flora and fauna in the area, keeping a permanent coordination with institutions, agencies and bodies with regard to environmental protection environment and wildlife.


  • Create a sustainable and competitive tourism, enhancing existing human, natural and cultural resources, to ensure a comprehensive tourist experience of domestic and international visitors.


  • Manage and facilitate the conditions necessary to create an appropriate environment and adequately provide the services demanded by visitors.
  • Maintain a permanent coordination with the office of tourism and conservation of natural resources (flora and fauna) of the various institutions of the province, to support the activities being developed in YanaCocha.
  • Motivating through visits to schools and colleges in the province and the country for students to make ecotourism and by observing develop their learning in the field of environmental education.
  • Raise awareness among local, national and international tourists on the protection and respect for wildlife.

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